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Eyelash Extensions
Now you can wake up every morning knowing you no longer need to apply mascara with lashes that you don't even know you're wearing. Whether you are looking for thicker, longer or curlier lashes or that certain something on a special occasion, this treatments suits all ages, lash conditions and  eye shapes. Lashes are carefully selected and styled to suit your individual eye shape, during your free consultation we can discuss your needs and perform a patch test. This is a pain free treatment where you are able to totally relax, unwind and even take a 'Lash Nap' 

Taster Set*                     £30
Full Set*                         £50                   
Outer Corner Sweep*   £29.50
60 mins Infill                  £30
90 mins Infill                  £38
Safe Removal from       £15
Please ensure you wear no eye make-up when attending an eye treatment appointment.

Eye Treatments
Lash Lifting*   (Eyelash Perm)           £29  
Emphasise the appearance of your eyes with this semi-permanent method of curling your upper eyelashes. Lasts between 4/6 weeks - as your natural lashes shed and are replaced with new, the curl diminishes.
Whilst you wait for the lotions to developing why not enjoy:
Fingers or toe file and polish......£7  
La Remedi hand treatment.......£10 
Foot massage............................£12
Eyelash Tinting*                            £9
Eyebrow Tinting*                          £6.50
Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting*    £15.00
Eyebrow Tweeze                           £8

Natural Nail Care
La Remedi    £13
A facial for your hands' - a wonderful treatment that leaves your hands silky smooth, conditioned, firmer and more attractive; ideal for those who are short of time. This treatment includes a hand cleanse, exfoliation, masque and hand serum to condition and firm the skin.
Jessica Deluxe Manicure    £25
Includes nail analysis, hand cleanse, exfoliation, masque, hand serum, care of cuticles, hand moisturiser, thermal mittens, nail soak and shape, finishing with a prescribed base coat, custom colour and top coat.
Jessica Standard Manicure     £19
Includes nail analysis, hand cleanse, exfoliation, care of cuticles, hand moisturiser, nail soak and shape finishing with a prescribed base coat, custom colour and top coat.
File and Polish Manicure    £10
French Polish    An additional £4
Little Miss Manicure    £10
Includes nail soak, cuticle work, nail shaping, base coat, varnish of your choice and a top coat. Ages 7-11.
Gelicure Manicure    £25
Applies like a polish with a long lasting high gloss finish that can last for weeks.
(After care advice needs to be adhered to). Includes hand soak, care of cuticles, nail shaping, gel polish of your choice, hand massage and application of cuticle oil.
Gelicure Removal £3 or free if following with renewal
Glitter an additional 50p per finger (max price £3)
Chrome/Mirrored Effect 50p per nail or an additional £4 for all ten fingers
Paraffin Wax treatment  £18
A luxurious treatment that is intended to soften and moisturise the skin. Paraffin wax is unlike wax used for hair removal, it melts at a lower temperature and can therefore be used to treat the skin without burning or blistering. The wax is built up in layers to cover the hands and enclosed to 'soak'. During the treatment the skin is bathed in warmth, pores open allowing the skin to soften. Treatment includes: paraffin wax treatment moisturiser, hand and lower arm massage, nail shaping, care of cuticles and cuticle oil application. A custom colour and top coat can be added at £6
Removal of another salons gel polish with a nail tidy  £10
Or if  you are following gel removal with a manicure   £5
Deluxe Paraffin Pedicure     £29
This procedure is a luxury foot treatment for one of the most forgotten areas of the body. The Paraffin wax improves circulation, relieves arthritis, aids relaxation and opens pores increasing the absorption of massage creams; resulting in softer, fresher and healthier looking feet. The treatment includes: hard skin remover, nail filing and shaping, paraffin treatment, care of cuticles, a foot and lower leg massage, finishing with a top coat.
A custom colour can be added at £6
Jessica Deluxe Pedicure    £35
A luxurious foot and nail treatment which includes a foot spa, hard skin remover, foot scrub, soufflé, thermal booties, cuticle work, nail shaping, foot masque, lower leg and foot massage, prescriptive base coat, custom colour and a top coat.
Jessica Standard Pedicure    £29
A foot and nail treatment essential for beautiful feet, this treatment includes foot spa, hard skin remover, foot scrub, soufflé, cuticle work, nail shaping, foot masque and massage, prescriptive base coat, custom colour, and top coat.
File and Polish Pedicure    £10
French Polish an additional   £4
Little Miss Pedicure £10
Includes cuticle work, nail shaping, massage, base coat, varnish of your choice, top coat. Ages 7-11
Minx Pedicure    £25
Includes nail filing, care of cuticles and Minx application.
A variety of designs are kept in stock, however if you require a specific design please allow me time to order in for you. 
Gelicure Pedicure    £34
Applies like a polish with a long lasting high gloss finish that can last for weeks. (After care advice needs to be adhered to).Includes removal of hard skin, foot soak, care of cuticles, nail shaping, gel polish of your choice, moisturising foot and ankle massage and cuticle application.
Gelicure Removal £3 or free if following with renewal
Glitter Effect an additional 50p per toe (max price £3)
Chrome/Mirrored Effect 50p per nail or £4 for all ten toes
Removal of another salons gel polish with a nail tidy  - £10
Or if following gel removal with a pedicure   £5
Cuccio Hard Skin Treatment £20 
Soak, application of product, thermal bootees, heel filing and massage with hydration. 
Add cuticle care, nail shaping and polish £29

Day/Evening/Prom/General Make-Up   £29 
Trials for above   £35
Bridal Make-Up            on the day £50     With trial £90
Mother of the Bride      on the day  £50    With trial  £90
Bridesmaids                 on the day £50     With trial £90
Other members of your bridal party can also be included.

Facial Treatments
Facials rejuvenate the tissues; improve circulation, leaving your skin looking fresher, feeling more toned and polished, with a healthier glow.
Prescriptive Facial     £29
A highly effective facial tailored to suit individual concerns such as congestion, dehydration or lack of radiance. A highly relaxing facial incorporating cleansing, toning, exfoliation, a shoulder, neck and facial massage, mask application, before finishing with a facial moisturiser,eye and lip balm.
Swedish Body Massage
Indulge, unwind… Let the stresses and strains of everyday life drift away. Involving various methods of touch, pressure and flowing movements this treatment releases muscular tension and toxins; increases blood flow; relieves pain and alleviates stress whilst relaxing and enhancing your well being.
Full Body                                  £29.50
Full Body, Face and Scalp      £35
Back, Neck and Shoulders     £19.50
Foot Massage   £15      
Add on hard skin removal treatment  £23

Indian Head Massage
An uplifting and invigorating massage of the face,scalp and shoulders. This therapy is highly effective at relieving aches, pains, headaches, sinus-problems and stress, bringing a feeling of balance and calm.
With or without oils    £19.50
Full leg     £20
Half leg     £14
Forearm (wrist to elbow) £10
Full arm    £15
Underarm  £8
Eyebrow Reshape            £10
Eyebrow Maintenance     £8
Chin           £7
Lip             £7
Sides of face        £9
Lower abdomen   £7.50
Lower back          £7.50
Bikini line            £7
Extended bikini    £9
Brazilian              £15
Spray Tanning group bookings taken see my offers page
Tanning solutions which cater for every skin type and preference. Invigorate your senses with the unique fragrances of Coconut, Cherry and Chocolate. Whether it's a sun-kissed glow or a deep bronze tan these formulas give a convincing result without having to lie in the sun all day.
Full body    £20  
Full Leg      £15
Book a party of 5 or more and the organiser gets a free tan.
Full Body Exfoliation    
A full body exfoliation followed by a luxurious moisturising treatment   £28
Beauty Packages
Deluxe Holiday Package    £85
The perfect solution for your holiday preparation: a body blitz which includes a full body scrub and moisturise, half leg wax, bikini wax, underarm wax, eyelash and brow tint*, file and polish for hands and feet.
Mini Holiday Package        £40
If time does not allow, a mini holiday package is the solution for you. Includes a half leg wax, bikini wax, underarm wax, eyelash and brow tint*.
Wedding Packages
We are happy to discuss all your requirements for your big day. Packages available to suit all budgets. Book a free appointment so that we can arrange the perfect beauty and hair treatments. Suitable for bridesmaids and/or mother of the bride.
Ladies Who Lunch           £35
Mini facial, file and polish fingers and toes.
Ultimate Girls Night Out                  £35
File and polish (hands and feet) and a full body spray tan. 
Theme Party
Invite the girls and pamper yourselves with mini treatments while you socialise. Choose from either: file and polish - fingers or toes, mini massages, (shoulders neck and head, feet and ankles or hand and arm) Call Karen to discuss your requirements and costing.
Prom Packages
We are happy to discuss, and create, a package to ensure you look simply radiant on the day. Call Karen for a free consultation to discuss your treatments.
 * A patch test is required 24/48 hours prior to treatment.

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